LEAP 360 is an optional, free high-quality assessment system that provides educators with a complete picture of student learning at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. LEAP 360 delivers streamlined assessments in a comprehensive system for classrooms, schools, and school systems.

  • Diagnostic assessments: determine student readiness for new course work and assist with teachers in setting meaningful and ambitious goals; given at the start of the school year or course
  • Interim assessments: evaluate student learning and monitor progress toward year-end goals and allow teachers to target and adjust instruction; administered at checkpoints throughout the year
  • K-2 formative assessments: provide quality tasks focused on critical student skills in ELA and math
  • EAGLE: provide high-quality questions that teachers can use as an instructional resource throughout the year

LEAP 360

Key Initiative

Louisiana's Comprehensive Assessment System

Louisiana remains committed to reducing student testing time on state-level assessments, including limiting testing to never more than 2% of instructional time and limiting end-of-year tests to never more than one week, but also reducing district-level assessment minutes while improving the quality of such benchmarking tools. LEAP 360 supports districts and schools in its collective effort to significantly reduce time on assessments. LEAP 360 assessment tools should not be used in addition to other district benchmarking but rather in the place of those previous assessments. 

To support districts with system-wide test reduction, the LDE has led assessment audits with districts, utilizing assessment inventory resources to help districts evaluate the amount and quality of district and school assessments in order to reduce testing time.


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