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2018-2019 Charter Annual Reviews Download
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Charter School Performance Compact


Quarterly Type 5 Charter Collaboration

Charter Performance Compact Download
FAQ - Background Check Download
FAQ - ADA Requirements Download
FAQ - Charter Board Download
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Charter School Annual Reports


Charter Schools - Pre-Opening

2018-2019 Type 2, 4, and 5 Charter Annual Report Download
2017-2018 Type 2, 4, and 5 Charter Annual Report Download
2016-2017 Type 2, 4, and 5 Charter Annual Report Download
2015-2016 Charter Annual Report Download
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2013-2014 Charter Annual Report Download


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2017 Application Timeline for BESE Applicants Download
2020 Background Check Guidance Download
2020 Charter Applicant Eligibility Form Download
2020 Charter School Application Evaluation Rubric Download
2020 Common Charter Application Download
2020 Experienced Operator Overview Template Download
2020 Finances Template Download
2020 New Operator Overview Template Download
Charter Application Response Guidelines Download
Revenue Projection Model - 2020 Download
Form - Charter School Internal Control and Compliance Questionnaire Download
Guidelines - Fiscal Oversight Policy for Charter Schools Download
Guidelines - Allowable Expenditures for Title II Revised March10 Download
Guidelines - Charter School Parental Involvement Policy Download
Guidelines - Charter School-Parent Compact Download
Guidelines - Open Meetings Law Download
Guidelines - Parents Right to Know - Charter Download
Guidelines - Title I-A Charter School Orientation Information Download
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Form - Data New School Download
Form - School Master Plan for Discipline Worksheet Download
Guide - LAUGH Guide Download
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Guidelines - Insurance Requirements Download
Guidelines - Special Education Program Policies and Procedures Outline Download


Charter Schools - For Districts

2020 Common Charter Application Download
Form - District Conversions - Parent Download
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District Charter Application Process Manual Download
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Charter Schools - Corporate Partnerships

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