High School Performance

Cohort Graduation Rates

2006-2016 State District Cohort Graduation Rate Download
2015-2016 LEA-School Cohort Graduation Summary Download

ACT Scores

2012-2017 State-District ACT Pre Data Certification Subgroup Performance... Download
2012-2017 State-LEA-School ACT Summary Download
2012-2016 State-District Comparison Students Scoring 18+ Download
ACT Scores - Class of 2017 Download
ACT Scores - Class of 2016 Download
ACT Scores - Class of 2015 Download
ACT Scores - Class of 2014 Download
ACT Scores - Class of 2013 Download
ACT Scores - Class of 2012 Download
ACT Scores - 2009-2011 Download
ACT Scores - 2004-2008 Download
ACT Scores - 1999-2003 Download

Advanced Placement Scores

2015-2016 State-LEA-School AP Results Download
2014-2015 State-LEA-School AP Results Download
2013-2014 State-LEA-School AP Results Download
2012-2013 State-LEA-School AP Results Download
2016-2017 State-LEA-School AP Results Download

High School End-of-Course Tests

2013-2017 State-District EOC Summary Download
2013-2017 School EOC Summary Download
2016-2017 State-District EOC Results Download
2016-2017 School EOC Results Download
2015-2016 State-District-School EOC Results Download
2014-2015 State-District-School EOC Results Download
2013-2014 State-District-School EOC Results Download
2012-2013 State-District-School EOC Results Download
2009-2012 State-District-School EOC Results Download
2007-2008 State-District-School EOC Results Download

College Level Entrance Program Scores

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Louisiana College Enrollment Reports - State Reports

2015-2016 College Enrollment Report Download
2014-2015 College Enrollment Report Download
2013-2014 College Enrollment Report Download
2012-2013 College Enrollment Report Download
2011-2012 College Enrollment Report Download
Fall College Enrollment Report 2007-2011 Download
Fall College Enrollment Report 2002-2006 Download
Fall College Enrollment Report 1997-2001 Download

International Baccalaureate Scores

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