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2015 Child Care Program Statistics Download
2016 Child Care Program Statistics Download
2017 Child Care Program Statistics Download
2018 Child Care Program Statistics Download
CAFE Household Application - Instructions Download
CCAP Application Checklist Download
CCAP Application Process Flowchart Download
CCAP Eligibility FAQs - General Information for Households Download
CCAP Household Eligibility FAQs - Application Process for Families Download
CCAP Household Eligibility FAQs - Payments Download
CCAP Paper Application Download
CCAP Rate Changes Download
CCAP Sliding Fee Scale Download
Child Care Assistance Report of Changes Form Download
Child Care Program Waitlist Statistics Download
New Submission Application Process One Pager Download
Summer Care Rate and Availability Form Download
TOTS Locations Download
2015 Early Childhood Transition Process - English version Download
2015 Early Childhood Transition Process - Spanish version Download
2016 Statistics for Child Care Providers Download
Brochure - Kindergarten Readiness Definition (English) Download
Declaration of Employment - Arabic Download
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Informational Resources for Families Download
No Income - Arabic Download
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No Income - French Download
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Understanding Revoked Licenses & Unlicensed Centers

Aletha Haynes – Our Blessing Christain Daycare Download
Andy Nelson - Tender Years Download
Carla Underwood – Childrens Center for Love and Learning Download
Cindy Barnes Download
Consent Order - Camey Raven Download
Consent Order Sheila's Academy & Daycare Download
Cory & Natasha Clophus Download
DeGruy, Jan and Melvin - University Lrng Acad Download
Facility License Revocations Past 2 Years - August 2016 Download
Francine Chouest – Consent Order Download
Gaye Lynn Mott Download
Gods Little Blessings - Natesha Clophus Download
Green Acres Download
Injunction – Aletha Haynes, Our Blessing Christain Daycare Download
Injunction – Mryt Robertson Download
Injunction- Francine Chouset Download
Injunction- Kristy Jones Download
Injunction-Annette Willis and Latasha Poole Download
Injunction-Diane Romero Download
Injunction-Rhonda Kennedy Download
Kadlyns Learning Academy Download
Kimberly Jackson Download
Kristy Jones - Consent Order Download
LaDonna Jacobs-New Beginnings Download
LE'BAMBINI Academy Download
Lilly Pad Learning Academy Download
Little Scholars - McKanstry Prep Download
Martha Jackson Download
Michelle Lavergne Download
Mo-Mo_s Day Care - Rose and Glynn Richard Download
Mona Adams Download
Monique Richard Download
Pat Manuel Download
Patsy Desoto Download
Rachels Learn and Play – Teka Keller Download
Rebecca Robinson dba MawMaw Beckys Download
Registry of Individuals Prohibited from Operating Unlicensed Early Learning Centers Download
Roberts UM Church Daycare Download
Rose Turner - Innis World Download
Stacia Barton Download
Strong Tower Christian Academy Download
Tabitha Herbert Download
Tonja Demery - Tonja's Precious Angels Download
Understanding Revoked Licenses Download
Vanessa Rider Download
Yvette Imbraguglio Download