English Learners

General Resources

2017 ELL Form VI Download
2017 ELL Form-AR Download
2017 ELL Form-AR Download
2017 ELL Form-ES-LM Download
2017 ELL Form-ES-LM Download
2017 ELL Form-VI Download
ELA-Connector for ELs Crosswalk Doc. Download
Task Analysis Tool Condensed Version Download

Other Resources

Family Resources: The Department is committed to provide families of EL students with the tools and resources they need to support learning at home, and will translate all parent facing materials into Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic. These resources are available in our Family Support Toolbox.

For Educators: The Department is also committed to providing guidance and support to educators who support English Learners through ongoing trainings and resources. 

Teacher Leader Summit Sessions; A17 & A018

English Learner Administrator's Handbook

Educating English Learners and Beyond (Sept. 2016 Collaborative Session Titled ELL)

Office of Civil Rights (OCR) EL Guidance

Office of English Language Acquisition

English Learner Toolkit

Newcomer Toolkit

English language-learners-special-needs-effective-instructional-strategies

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA)

ELA Connector for ELs Crosswalk

Task Analysis Tool Condensed Version

ELPT Assessment Guide

ELPT Achievement Level Descriptors

2017 ELPT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Department is currently in the development phase of an English Learner Guidebook to support implementation of evidenced-based “best practices” in the areas of identification, instruction, intervention, and assessment that will be released this winter.