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March 2018 Supervisor Collaborations

2018-19 Proposed Enhancements for LDE Application Systems_March 2018 Download
2018-2019 MT and CL nomination process Download
Assessment Development Committee Recruitment Download
Building Strategic Partnerships in Social Studies_March 2018 Download
EC Strengthening Community Partnerships_March 2018 Download
EC Updates for Lead Agencies_March 2018 Download
EC Using Data to Inform Improvement_March 2018 Download
ELA March Handout _Guidebooks Format Options Download
ELA March Handout_ Create a Plan Download
ELA March Handout_ PD Vendors Download
ELPT Results_March 2018 Download
Graduation Cohort Update_March 2018 Download
How to Fund SPED Plan Handout Download
How to Fund SPED Plan_March 2018 Download
LEAP 2025 Committees_March 2018 Download
LEAP 360 Improvements_March 2018 Download
Mar 2018 Sup Collab Agenda Baton Rouge 3.14 Download
Mar 2018 Sup Collab Agenda Baton Rouge 3.23 Download
Mar 2018 Sup Collab Agenda Ruston Download
March 2018 Supr Collab Event Overview Download
Math Curriculum Pay Off_March 2018 Download
Moving Forward ELA Guidebooks_March 2018 Download
Redesign_March 2018 Download
Science Connectors_March 2018 Download
sheets-Mar13-2018SuprCollab-Ruston Download
sheets-Mar14-2018SuprCollab-EBR Download
sheets-Mar23-2018SuprCollab-EBR Download
SS March Handout_ Create a Plan Download
SS March Handout_ PD Vendors Download
Strategies to Protect School Systems from a Cyber Attack Download
Strategy Based Planning SPED Download
Workforce Data_March 2018 Download


2018 Collaboration High School Policy Updates Download
Early and Accurate Identification of SWD Download
EC R1 PC Jan Feb 2018 Performance Profiles and Improvement Download
EC R1 SC Jan Feb 2018 SC Coordinated Enrollment Download
EC R2 SC Jan Feb 2018 PP Results Download
ELA Guidebooks session Download
English Learner Jan-Feb Collaboration Download
Family Engagement and ESSA Download
Feb 2018 Sup Collab Agenda Lafayette Download
Feb 2018 Sup Collab Agenda Ruston Download
Feb 2018 Supervisor Collab Agenda Harvey Download
Guidebooks +Louisiana Connectors = Inclusion for SWSD Download
High School STEM Math Updates Download
Hot Off The Press Math Updates Download
Jan 2018 Supervisor Collab Agenda EBR Download
Jan-Feb 2018 Supervisor Collab Event Overview Download
Jump Start Summers Collaborative Download
LEAP 360 Making Connections Download
Mentor Teachers for January Collabs Download
Principal and Superintendent Secure Reporting Portal Jan-Feb Collaborative Download
Protecting Student Privacy Download
Scaling High Quality PD Session Download
Science Connecting Standards Instruction and Assessment Final Download
sheets-JanFeb2018 SuprCollab-Lafayette (2) Download
sheets-JanFeb2018 SuprCollab-Ruston (2) Download
sheets-JanFeb2018SuprCollab-EBR (2) Download
sheets-JanFeb2018SuprCollab-Harvey (2) Download
Social Studies Session Download
TAP NISL Download
Understanding Cohort Graduation Start to Finish Jan 2018 Download
Using Online Mathematics Assessment Tools Download

November 2017 Supervisor Collaborations

Assessment Resources and Assessment Guide Updates Download
Content Leader & Mentor Teachers Download
EC R1 Performance Profile Results and Planning Download
EC R2 Funding Seats Download
EC R3 Coordinated Enrollment Download
eDIRECT Refresher Download
EL Guidebook Download
ELA November Collaboration Final Download
ELPT Training DTC Download
ESSA Accountability Updates Download
High School Policy Updates Download
Identifying High Quality Science Curriculum Download
LATI Download
LEAP 2025 High School Practice Tests Download
LEAP 2025 High School Practice Tests Template Download
LEAP 360 Math Session Download
LEAP Connect Assessment Overview Collab Download
Lets get digital Download
Not your Parent’s foreign language course... Download
Nov 2017 Sup Collab Event Overview Download
Nov2017 Sup Collab Agenda-Bossier Download
Nov2017 Sup Collab Agenda-EBR Download
Nov2017 Sup Collab Agenda-Harvey Download
Nov2017 Sup Collab Agenda-Lafayette Download
Overview of ELPT Collab Download
PreK-3 Guidebook for Site and System Leaders Download
Putting the CIS into Action Download
School System Planning Download
Science Field Test Download
Science Field Test Immediate and Long-Term Supports Template Download
sheets - Nov2017SuprCollab-Bossier Download
sheets - Nov2017SuprCollab-EBR Download
sheets - Nov2017SuprCollab-Havey Download
sheets - Nov2017SuprCollab-Lafayette Download
Social Studies November Collaboration Final Download
SPED Guidebook for Administrators Download
TAP and Principal Fellowship Download
The State of Financial Aid in LA SCA Download

March Supervisor Collaborations

March 2017 Sup Collab Event Overview Download
K-2 Assessments Download
Comprehensive Assessment System Overview 2017-2018 Download
Cohort Graduation Data Certification Download
2016-2017 Workforce Reports Download
Curriculum Implementation Part 4 Download
ELL Materials Download
Science Standards.March 2017 Download
Interactive Handout for March Collaboratives Download
Additional Materials_March Collaboratives Download
March Collaborative Meetings Download
Supervisor Collaboration March 2017 Principal Support Grant Download
School Redesign Mar SupvCollabs Download
2017 March Collaboration_final Download
Sign In Sheets for March Collaboration Download
PD Planning Guide Download

September 2016 Supervisor Collaboration

Sept 2016 Sup Collab Event Overview Download
A Closer Look Alternative Pathways Implementation Guide Download
Curriculum Implementation Download
Early Literacy Assessments Download
EC R1 Early Childhood Updates Download
EC R2 Practice Performance Profiles and Accountability Download
EC R3 Aligning EC and EE Download
ELL Download
Embedding Digital Literacy Download
Establishing a Data Governance and Privacy Plan Download
New DTC Training Download
Online EOCs Download
PEP New User Training Download
Results and PLCs Download
SER New User Training Download
September Supervisor Collaboration Opening Download
SPC SIS New User Training Download
SS Assessment for Supervisors Download
Support for Unique Populations Download
What's Up_ ELA and Math Assessment System_Supervisors Download
On-Site Registratation Attendance - Jefferson - 9-20-2016,pdf Download
Attendance - Baton Rouge - 9-19-2016 Download
Attendance - Baton Rouge - 9-19-2016 Download
Attendance - Bossier - 9-14-2016 Download
Supervisor Attendance - Baton Rouge 10-3-2016 Download
On-Site Registration Attendance - Bossier - 9-19-2016 Download

September 2017 Supervisor Collaborations

SEPT2017 Sup Collab Agenda Baton Rouge Download
SEPT 2017 Sup Collab Agenda Lafayette Download
First Year DTC Download
LEAP 360 - Interims - District Session Download
ELPT and LEAP Connect - DTC Session Download
SEPT2017 Sup Collab Agenda Harvey Download
sheets - Sept2017SuprCollab-Ruston Download
sheets - Sept2017SuprCollab-Baton Rouge Download
sheets - Sept2017SuprCollab-Harvey Download
sheets - Sept2017SuprCollab-Lafayette Download
September 2017 Supervisors Collaboration Event Overview Download
September 2017 Sup Collab Event Agenda - Ruston Download
Letter Grades-Preparing for Fall Download
The Missing Link_ From Guidebooks 2.0 to Summative Assessment final Download
Science Standards Download
Content Leader Selection Sept Collab Download
Using the CLASS Tool to Improve K-2 Teaching Practices Download
LA Connectors for English Language Learners Download
PreK-3 Guidebook for Site and System Leaders Download
Teacher Introduction to the Louisiana Connect_September Collaboratives 2017 Download
Social Studies Scope and Sequence Updates 3-8 Download
LEAP 360 - Teacher Session - Interim Assessments Download
Early Childhood - What Lead Agencies Need to Know Download
Early Childhood - Performance Profiles Download
Eureka Remediation Tools Download

January/February 2017 Supervisor Collaborations

ESSA Superintendent Collaboration Presentation Download
Jan 2017 Sup Collab Event Overview Download
Jan-Feb 2017 EC R3 Family and Teacher Surveys Download
Jan-Feb 2017 EC R1 Coordinated Enrollment Download
Jan-Feb 2017 Math Vision and Support Download
Jan-Feb 2017 EC R2 Informational Metrics Download
Jan-Feb 2017 Not Your Mama's Library Download
Jan-Feb 2017 ESSA Funding Download
Jan_Feb 2017 ELL and SpEd Download
Jan_Feb 2017 Ed Tech Download
Jan_Feb 2017 Curriculum Implementation part 3 Download
Jan_Feb 2017 LEAP and EOC Prep Download
Jan-2017 Sup Collab Event Agenda-Harvey Download
Jan_Feb 2017 Science Download
Feb-2017 Sup Collab Event Agenda-Baton Rouge- Download
Jan_Feb 2017 Data Governance Download
Jan_Feb 2017 Social Studies Shifts Sup Download
JanFeb Supervisor Collaboration Sign In sheets Download

December 2016 Supervisor Collaboration

Dec 2016 Sup Collab Event Overview Download
December 2016 DPC Download
Dec16 Collab_New Acct Contacts Download
Dec16 Believe and Prepare Transition Support and Regional Workforce Reports Download
Dec16 Data Governance Download
Dec16 EC R3 Collaborating to Align PreK and K Download
Dec16 EC R2 Local Observer Accuracy Download
Dec16 EC R1 Supporting Understanding and Action after the Roll Out Download
Dec16 LDOE Tools for Math Educators Download
Dec16 Sup and Principal Profiles Download
Curriculum Implementation p2 Download
Dec16 World Language Download
Dec16 ESSA Download
Curriculum Implementation part 1 Download
Dec 2016 Sup Collab Baton Rouge Download
Dec2016 SUPR Sign-in - Lafayette Download
Dec2016 Sign-in - SUPR - Jefferson Download

September 2016 New LEA Leader Meeting

Teacher Leader Panel Download
Sept 2016 New LEA meeting Agenda Final Download
High School Opportunities and Jump Start Download

2016 Teacher Leader Summit Materials

A012- Early Childhood Assessment Download
S006- SPS 9-12 Download
S004- SPS Combination Download
S005- SPS 3-8 Download
S009- Privacy vs Transparency Download
S026- School-Wide Goals in High Schools Download
S027- School-Wide Goals in K-8 Download
S031- School Vision Download
S032- Fellowship Download
S035- ADHD Download
S036- Understanding LEA Determinations Download
S037- Implementing Section 504 Download
A001- ESSA Download
S039 Reforming HCS Grant Teacher Leader 2016 Download
A002- Understanding Poverty Download
A004- Coordinated System of Care Download
A005- Decrease Discipline Issues Download
A006- JumpStart Externships Download
A008- Model for Mentoring Download
A009- Standards Review Math Download
A010- JAG Download
A014- Green Schools Download
A015- Online Testing Download
S001- Managing Change Download
S002- Ready Set Coach Download
S003- All about the Student Download
S010- GB 2.0 Implementation Download
S011- Getting Started Guidebook Download
S012- Standards Review ELA Download
S013- SREB Leading Improvement Download
S017- EDGAR Download
S018- ESSA for Fed Programs Download
S019- Sounds of Math Download
S020- Zearn Admin Download
S021- Evaluations as a Process to Support Download
S022- Tell Me Something Good Download
S023- Using Reflective Conversations Download
S024- Quality SLT Process Download
S025- Using the Assess Index Download
S034- DBQ Project Download
S038- In It to WIN It Download
S040- Establishing Data Driven Download
S041- Building Partnerships that Enhance Download
S042- Creating Successful Internships Download
S043- Course Choice Download
S044- Chem or Carpentry Download
S045- Leaping into JumpStart Download
S046- ProACTive Download
S047- Strength in Numbers Download
S048- Elevating Teaching Profession Download
S049- Mentor Teachers Download
S050- Measuring What Matters Download
S051- Planning for Future Workforce Download
S052- Preparing New Tchrs w TAP Download
S053- Innovative Strategies Staffing Download
S054- Tchr Candidates Learn to Teach Download
S055- Gen Zen Download
S056- Train from Within Download
S057- Maximize Impact of TLs Download
S060- GB 2.0 Implementation Support Download
S061- Science Engagement Download

Instructional Resources

TL Best Practices for Districts and Principals Download
Curriculum Implementation Scale Download
Digital Literacy Guide Download
2018-2019 PD Vendor Guide Download
PD Planning Guide Download

Supervisor Collaboration Archives

January 2016 Supervisor Collaboration Materials Download
March 2016 Supervisor Collaboration Materials Download
September 2015 Supervisor Collaboration Materials Download
November 2015 Supervisor Collaboration Materials Download
2015 Superintendent's Collaborative Session Materials Download