Brumfield v. Dodd

Nonpublic schools seeking state and federal funds must comply with the nondiscrimination requirements of Brumfield v. Dodd.  Brumfield v. Dodd approval verifies that schools are not racially segregated or do not use racially discriminatory policies and practices.

Schools seeking Brumfield v. Dodd approval must complete the Brumfield v. Dodd Application.

Application forms must be completed, notarized and returned along with a copy of the school's Articles of Incorporation (as on file with the secretary of State's Office), and proof of the school's policy of non-discrimination (as ad appeared in a public notice, such as a newspaper advertisement).

Brumfield v. Dodd applications are reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice. State-approved nonpublic schools found to be Brumfield v. Dodd compliant are recommended for approval to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) during regularly scheduled Board meetings.

Annually, nonpublic schools must submit a Brumfield v. Dodd Compliance Report in order to maintain eligibility for state and federal funding

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