Nonpublic Schools

In Louisiana, tens of thousands of students are enrolled in nonpublic schools. 

Students may attend nonpublic schools approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (Nonpublic School Seeking State Approval), an approved Home Study program, or a Nonpublic School Not Seeking State Approval. Nonpublic schools may, but are not required to, seek state approval.

To be approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE), schools must offer an education comparable to the quality of public schools. Graduates from confirmed Nonpublic Schools Seeking State Approval and approved Home Study programs are eligible for TOPS, a state-funded college scholarship program.

Nonpublic Schools Seeking State Approval 2024-2025 Application

Nonpublic Schools Seeking State Approval must apply annually for approval by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  • Applications for the 2024-2025 school year are available September 1 through October 15. Schools must submit a series of documents via a Jotform application in order to receive BESE approval for the 2024-2025 school year. The Nonpublic School Approval Guidelines Checklist provides the requirements for the Brumfield v. Dodd. The application includes required forms and submissions for Brumfield v. Dodd approval. Forms are required for both new and continuing approvals. BESE and Brumfield v. Dodd approvals are required for participation in the Louisiana Scholarship Program (LSP) and/or the School Choice Program (SCP). Schools interested in participating in either of the programs upon BESE approval must also submit their Notice of Intent (NOI) to Participate.

  • To become eligible for state and federal funding, schools must be approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and also comply with Brumfield vs. Dodd, a federal court order that prohibits discrimination.

Nonpublic School Annual Reporting (NPS)

All nonpublic schools approved by BESE (Nonpublic School Seeking State Approval) must submit an annual enrollment report each fall. The Department of Education uses EdLink as the portal for BESE-approved nonpublic schools to submit their annual enrollment data, which will be available from September 6 to October 15.

The 2023 Nonpublic School Annual Enrollment Reporting is now available in the EdLink Portal

How to Navigate Edlink as an NPS School Manager

EdLink account set up and NPS EdLink Manual

Nonpublic school reporting managers will need to create an account with EdLink and request the NPS Manager role. Detailed steps can be found in the NPS EdLink Manual.

Please contact if you have any questions following the steps in the manual.

Changes to your school site information included in Edlink can be requested through this link.

Nonpublic Schools Not Seeking State Approval

Nonpublic Schools Not Seeking State Approval must annually submit enrollment information for their school by using the online attendance submission form. Persons entering their email address on the form will receive an Attendance Submission Confirmation letter via email immediately upon completion of the form. The attendance submission confirmation is valid for one year from the date of the letter. In hardship situations, attendance submissions may be submitted by mail. For more information, see the Nonpublic Schools Not Seeking State Approval page.

Please email with questions about any of the processes above.