Recovery School District 

About the RSD 

Every Louisiana family deserves the right to send their child to a school that can help them graduate ready for a career, college, or service. The Recovery School District (RSD) serves students who’ve been locked in chronically failing schools. Created in 2003 by the Louisiana Legislature, the mission of the RSD is to transform the lowest performing schools in the state. 

The RSD will intervene in instances where school systems do not submit necessary improvement plans, submit unacceptable plans, or do not implement those plans. Schools that have been F-rated for four consecutive years remain eligible for transfer to the RSD.

Learn more about the RSD and its governing policies by reading Bulletin 129.

The RSD acts as the final intervention for schools that continue to struggle despite plans for redesign or comprehensive school system improvement strategies. Involvement by the RSD can include mergers, closures, or transformation by a charter operator.

What schools are currently in the RSD? 

There are currently five schools in the RSD. 

  • Dalton Charter | Baton Rouge 
  • Glen Oaks Middle | Baton Rouge 
  • Lanier Charter | Baton Rouge 
  • Linwood Public Charter | Shreveport 
  • Prescott Academy | Baton Rouge 

How are schools transferred into the RSD? 

A public school may be transferred to the jurisdiction of the RSD if it is determined to either be academically unacceptable or academically in crisis. The State Superintendent can make a recommendation to the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) regarding transfer of an academically unacceptable school to the RSD. 

BESE may approve the transfer of an academically unacceptable school if the school failed to meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  • The LEA fails to submit a reconstitution plan to BESE for approval 
  • BESE finds the LEA's reconstitution plan unacceptable 
  • The LEA fails to comply with the reconstitution plan approved by BESE 
  • The school is labeled an academically unacceptable school for four consecutive years 

What happens to a school when it is transferred into the RSD?

The State Superintendent works with RSD leadership to develop a transformation plan unique to the needs of the students and parents at that specific school. The State Superintendent shall recommend to BESE any of the following methods for operating a school that has been deemed eligible for transfer to the RSD: 

  • The school may be operated as a direct-run RSD school; as a charter school, as a university partnership; or through an agreement with an education management organization.
  • The RSD may enter into a supervisory memorandum of understanding with the LEA. 

How does the RSD transfer schools back to the local school system?

Schools must remain in the RSD for at least five years. Schools that have been part of the RSD for at least five years may be returned to its former local school board upon the RSD’s report and the recommendation of BESE. 

RSD Leadership 

Dr. Pam Schooler | Recovery School District Superintendent

Dr. Pam Schooler was unanimously appointed as Recovery School District Superintendent in January 2024. Dr. Schooler is committed to ensuring that all Louisiana students have access to a high quality education. Her education career includes experience as an educator and school leader in a range of school settings. Prior to leading the RSD, Dr. Schooler served the Louisiana Department of Education as Assistant Superintendent of School Choice. 

Contact the RSD 

Currents and former students, former employees, and vendors use the Recovery School District Contact Info document.