Louisiana Families may choose to independently provide an excellent education to their children from their home.  Louisiana families typically provide this independent education through a Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved home study program or a registered nonpublic school.

To comply with state attendance laws, parents who want to educate their children in a home study program must apply and be approved annually by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. A child enrolled in an approved home study program is considered in attendance at school.

Parents who enroll their child in a home study program are solely responsible for deciding the curriculum and providing instruction. Louisiana does not provide funding for home study programs.

Students in a home study program are not required to take state assessments. Students in a home study program may participate in interscholastic athletic activities.

Diplomas awarded through an approved home study program are recognized by all post-secondary educational institutions.

Please see the Home Study Guidelines for more information 


Families may now use a simple, user-friendly online application system to submit a home study application. This new system will allow families to easily complete and submit applications online, as well as receive automatic e-mails once the Department both receives and approves the application. A similar system will also be available for Registered Nonpublic Schools.

Submit a Home Study Application

Families may learn more about this new online system by reviewing THE FOLLOWING RESOURCES:

Families without internet access will still be able to submit a paper application. The paper application may be found in the Home Study Guidelines.