Continuing Education Opportunities for Educators

There are two tuition support programs available to Louisiana teachers who are interested in taking courses for college credit to continue their education.

BESE Tuition Program for Teachers

The BESE Tuition Program for Teachers is a competitive program that provides funding for selected teachers to enroll in courses at regionally accredited colleges or universities in Louisiana. Teachers selected into the program will have their tuition (excluding all other fees) for a single course paid directly to the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance by the Louisiana Department of Education.

Certified and currently employed classroom teachers are eligible to apply. Awardees are granted funding for a course, but not guaranteed enrollment in the course. Participating teachers must meet all course requirements and follow the enrollment process of the participating college or university.

STEM Fellows: To address the need for teachers certified in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to meet the growing needs of Louisiana’s STEM-based industries, applications for courses in STEM fields will be prioritized. Teachers participating in the program taking STEM-focused coursework will also join a cadre of educators called STEM Fellows, who will work with the Department and the LaSTEM Council to further STEM initiatives across the state.

Funding will be awarded as available. Priority will be given to applicants who:

  • Apply to enroll in a course related to the implementation of a high school STEM Pathway;
  • Apply to enroll in a STEM course;
  • Teach one or more STEM classes;
  • Seek teacher certification in a STEM-related field;
  • Teach in a rural school system;
  • Teach at a school labeled Comprehensive Intervention Required and/or Urgent Intervention Required; and/or
  • Apply to enroll in a course that fits into a broader certification, higher degree or other professional development program.

The application window for the spring 2021 term will be October 30, 2020 through November 20, 2020. A link to the application will be available here beginning October 30.

Applications for the spring of 2021 will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. on November 20, 2020.  Applications will only be accepted via the following links, and only one application per applicant will be considered for each semester/term. Please note that applications are not complete until the LDOE receives an Employing Authority Approval Form signed by an authorized representative of your school system. You can submit the form within the applications below or as follow-up emails to  

Spring 2021 Application for courses beginning on or after January 1, 2021 and ending on or before May 31, 2021

For questions about the BESE Tuition Program for Teachers, consult the Frequently Asked Questions or contact

Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP)

The Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP) is run by the Louisiana Board of Regents and allows teachers to enroll in courses with unused seats at colleges and universities after the drop/add period has concluded. Now that all funds dedicated to the BESE Tuition Program for Teachers have been exhausted for the fall semester, enrollment in the Louisiana Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program (CTEP) is available, and we encourage you to apply. CTEP allows classroom teachers to attend Louisiana’s public colleges and universities tuition free (all other fees must be paid by the teacher) by using open seats in courses after the college or university’s drop/add period has ended. The CTEP application and program information may be found on the Louisiana Board of Regents website.

Since the funds dedicated to the BESE Tuition Program for Teachers have been exhausted for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 semesters, the CTEP program is in effect.

Visit the CTEP page on the Board of Regents’ website to learn more. For questions about CTEP, contact