Louisiana Environmental Education


A Vision for Environmental Literacy

Louisiana’s rich and dynamic environment encompasses a vast area of land, water, and culture that serve as the lifeblood of this great state. Making wise decisions about using these resources is therefore necessary for us to maintain both a healthy environment and a vibrant economy.

The shared vision of the Louisiana Department of Education and the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission is to cultivate a Louisiana citizenry that understands, feels connected to, and is inspired to protect, preserve, and restore our environment for present use and future sustainability.

This means that “environmentally literate” citizens will have the knowledge, tools, and sensitivity to thoughtfully explore environmental issues, select optimal actions to mediate problems, and routinely include the environment as a crucial element in their work, play, and daily life. Environmental literacy encompasses the fields of natural resources management and conservation, environmental quality, coastal restoration and protection, and environmental stewardship. It is through the understanding and appreciation of our natural environment that we will become better prepared citizens ready to make wise decisions regarding our natural resources. This vision supports actions that ensure all Louisianans have the opportunity to learn about and connect with nature in positive ways, developing informed and responsible stewards of our environment.

To foster an environmentally literate populace, citizens should:

  • have opportunities to experience and learn about our natural environment;
  • understand human impact on the environment;
  • develop a sense of stewardship towards the Earth and its finite resources; and,
  • choose actions that protect and nurture the natural environment.
There is no better time than now to support all Louisiana citizens with opportunities to become more connected to our natural world. All stakeholders will be empowered by improved access to information and experiences that lead to responsible practices benefiting our people and environment.

Louisiana Coastal Fellowship Program

All of Louisiana’s students deserve the opportunity to learn about and connect with nature in positive ways, building capacity to act as informed and responsible stewards of our environment. The Louisiana Coastal Fellowship Program is structured to engage participating educators, known as fellows, in rich professional learning as a cohort of like minded educators who are committed to championing environmental literacy for the students of our state.

The Department is pleased to announce the selection of 34 dynamic educators from across Louisiana as the Louisiana Coastal Fellows for the 2021-2022 school year. These dynamic fellows represent 17 school systems and serve students in grades Pre-K-12 in a variety of subject areas.

Fellows, selected through a competitive process, have access to the following supports as they engage in this professional learning community:

  • exclusive training opportunities to learn from local and national experts in STEM and environmental education 
  • authentic coaching through one-on-one and small group sessions that are designed to reinforce the training content and allow for the co-design of educational resources featuring environmental phenomena and outdoor learning experiences
  • a community of peers: fellows will have regular opportunities to collaborate with and learn from each other.

2021 Louisiana Coastal Fellows

Valerie Adams

Tangipahoa Parish

Cicely Jacob

Avoyelles Parish

Rena Bertrand

Vermilion Parish

Amanda Jones

Livingston Parish

Kellie Boquet

Lafayette Parish

Zacchea Lewis

Pointe Coupee Parish

Justin Broussard

East Baton Rouge Parish

Cortney Logan

Monroe City Schools

Antresiya Brown

Caddo Parish

Melinda McCleskey

Ascension Parish

Elizabeth Brunett

Iberville Parish

Richard Mouton

Vermilion Parish

Marci Bryant

Ouachita Parish

Dawn Perret

East Baton Rouge Parish

Rosie Cash-Loftis

Caddo Parish

Yalecia Putman

East Baton Rouge Parish

Deborah Daigle

East Baton Rouge Parish

Katelyn Reulet

Calcasieu Parish

Jackie David

Acadia Parish

Dawn Richard

Pointe Coupee Parish

Jessica Deon

Vernon Parish

Nathalie Roy

East Baton Rouge Parish

Kennedy Dupree

Iberville Parish

Rebecca Svensson

East Baton Rouge Parish

Sandra Saye Foucqueteau

Zachary Community Schools

Julie Thomas

Rapides Parish

Becky Fritchie

Ascension Parish

Heather White

Livingston Parish

Tracy Gauff

East Baton Rouge Parish

Jennifer Williams

Isidore Newman School

Kellie Green

West Baton Rouge Parish

Neotha Williams

West Baton Rouge Parish

Rebecca Holloway

East Baton Rouge Parish

Angelle Zeringue

Ascension Parish

About the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission

Louisiana Environmental Education Commission Logo

The Louisiana Environmental Education Commission (LEEC) is a body of 26 commissioners appointed by the Governor. Its members are educators and representatives from small businesses, industry, local municipalities, state agencies and environmental advocates. The mission of the commission is to create a comprehensive and balanced environmental education initiative that will result in an environmentally literate citizenry who will make informed decisions to effectively and constructively solve existing environmental problems, prevent new ones, and maintain a sustainable environment for future generations. Find commission materials, including a meeting minutes archive, on LDOE’s State Advisory Councils Page.

If you have questions or would like more information about LEEC or environmental education initiatives at the Department, email environmentaleducation@la.gov.