Statewide Tutoring Opportunities

The 2024 Louisiana Legislative session created and improved upon tutoring programs available to Louisiana students in the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. The LDOE is currently seeking provider applicants for both programs.

Accelerate: High Dosage Tutoring

The Accelerate High Dosage Tutoring Initiative is a result of Act 771 of the 2024 legislative session.  This bill provides high-dosage tutoring for certain low-performing students in grades kindergarten through five that is school-day embedded. School systems can choose providers for this initiative and will engage directly with those entities to provide tutoring services within the school day. Parents should reach out directly to their school system for student eligibility and enrollment options.

Accelerate tutoring provider criteria

Accelerate tutoring provider application

2024-2025 Accelerate: High Dosage Tutoring Workbook Download
Accelerate High Dosage Tutoring Guidance FAQ Download
Accelerate: High Dosage Tutoring Guidance Download
Accelerate: High Dosage Tutoring Launch Webinar June 2024 Download
Accelerate: High Dosage Tutoring Vendor Guide Download

Steve Carter Tutoring Program

The Steve Carter Tutoring Program was established through Act 415 during the 2021 Spring legislative session and was updated through Act 649 of the 2024 legislative session. This program is available to Kindergarten through twelfth grade public school students who are below reading and mathematics proficiency to address unfinished learning. Tutoring providers must agree to complete required foundational literacy or math training. 

Families will sign up through a portal and, once approved, will select an approved tutoring provider. Tutoring sessions must be held after school hours in person or virtually with no more than 4 students at a time.  

Steve Carter tutoring provider criteria

Steve Carter tutoring provider application

Parent Portal 

*Note you must have your child’s school-issued Louisiana Student ID (LASID) number in order to complete the application.This is a ten digit number that is assigned by schools to track student information.

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