Students, parents, teachers, principals and school leaders can all work together to prevent and end bullying.

Bullying is a pattern of:

  • written, electronic or verbal communications that threaten harm,
  • obscene gestures, taunting or malicious teasing,
  • persistent shunning or excluding a student, or
  • physical harm, such as hitting, pushing or damaging personal property.

If you are a student, parent or school leader and need to report a case of bullying, you can fill out the Bullying Report Form and submit to the principal or appropriate school leader.

If you are a school leader who is investigating a report of bullying, you can use the Bullying Investigation Form to document the investigation.

If you feel the school did not take timely and effective action in conducting the bullying investigation, you may report this information to the LDOE using the LDOE Bullying Incident Monitoring Form

Under Act 861 enacted in 2012, school employees are required to participate in four hours of training to learn how to detect, prevent and end bullying. Teachers or other school personnel who receive a complaint about bullying must verbally notify the principal on the day of incident and in writing within two days of the incident. The principal must notify parents and launch an investigation on the day of the incident. The investigation must be completed with ten days.

The Bullying Prevention Toolkit, developed by the Louisiana Department of Education, provides resources to assist school district prevent and end bullying.

School District Leaders:

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Sample Letters and Forms: