School-based Medicaid

School-Based Medicaid Services

Many schools across Louisiana offer health services that are eligible for reimbursement under Medicaid, a state-federal program that provides health insurance to low income families. Health services eligible for Medicaid reimbursement include: nursing services, therapy services (speech therapy, OT and PT), behavioral health services (including ABA therapy), special transportation and personal care services.

The Louisiana Department of Education has developed the Louisiana School Based Medicaid Program (SBMP) Resource Library to help LEAs implement a health services program that is eligible for funding through Medicaid. The SBMP Resource Library was launched in September of 2021, and new guidance documents will continue to be added through February of 2022 and then updated as needed thereafter.  Whenever a document is updated, a revision sheet will be added to the end of the document explaining any changes and the date they were made. Check back for future updates. Any questions about the program can be directed to

General Program Information

SBMP - Quick Check List Download
SBMP Provider Hiring Guide Download

Provider Resources

SBMP - Provider Licensure Board Guide Download
SBMP Covered Services and Qualifed Providers Download

Mental Health Resources

Example Filled in Mental Health Treatment Plan Download
Mental Health Treatment Plan Template - Blank Download
Mental Health Treatment Plan Template - Filled in Download

Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) Information and Memos

LDH Memo - CMS Approval Letter Download
LDH Memo 3.21 - PCS Program Requriments Download
LDH Memo 5.21 - NPI Information Download
LDH Memo 7.20 - Covered Services Download
LDH Memo 7.20 - Program Updates Download
LDH- Primary Source Documents Download

Random Moment Time Study

SBMP - RMTS Guide Download

Technical Medicaid Guidance

SBMP - LEA Registration as a Medicaid Provider Download
SER Medicaid Importer FAQ Download
SER Medicaid Matching Process Guidance Download