Graduation Pathways for Students with Disabilities

Graduation Pathways - Traditional - 833 Alternative - ALT-Assessment

While most students with disabilities in Louisiana will pursue a traditional pathway to a high school diploma, certain students with disabilities who have an IEP have alternative pathways to a diploma available to them.

  • Students at the high school level who are eligible under the April Dunn Act* can pursue a standard high school diploma by meeting standard graduation requirements through alternate means.
  • Students at the high school level who are assessed on Louisiana Alternate Assessment Level 1 (LAA 1) can pursue a diploma pathway by meeting alternate requirements.

Resources are available which can assist both educators and families in planning and implementing a successful high school experience for students with disabilities who have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).

*In June 2020, Gov. Edwards signed HB 848 into law which renamed Act 833 of 2014 as the April Dunn Act. April Dunn was a longtime advocate for people with disabilities who was instrumental in the passing of Act 833. The Department is in the process of updating language in our guidance documents to reflect the name change of Act 833 to the April Dunn Act.

Graduation Resources for Students with Disabilities