Early Childhood Performance Profiles

In June 2015, the State Board established a unified statewide early childhood quality rating and improvement system through Bulletin 140: Louisiana Early Childhood Care and Education Network.

Each publicly-funded child care center, Head Start, and school serving children birth to five in Louisiana receives a Performance Profile that includes a rating based on rigorous classroom observations. Each network of providers within a community also receives a Performance Profile.

Performance Profiles also include information on best practices, including use of ongoing assessment and a high-quality curriculum, teacher credentials, and program investment in high levels of individual attention for children.

Performance Profiles can be accessed for every site at www.louisianaschools.com.

Performance Profile Guidance for Families

To support families to understand these new performance profiles, the Department has released a few resources:

Performance Profile Guidance for Sites

To support sites in understanding the new performance profiles and helping them to improve, the Department has released a few resources:

  • Prior to release, the Department conducted a webinar to provide information about the release directly to early childhood sites. The video and webinar are available for review.

  • For sites that want to learn more about how the rating is calculated, the Department has released a Performance Rating Calculator with Instructions and a Webinar. Additional in-depth information is provided in the Performance Profile Frequently Asked Questions.

  • For lead agencies and sites seeking guidance on the annual data certification process used to verify site informational metrics, the Department has created a webinar to support networks.

  • To support sites to understand how they can use their Performance Profile results to make improvements, the Department has provided a guidance document with Five Tips for Sites, that provides clear information and actionable next steps.

Performance Profile Results

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