Top Gains Schools

To recognize schools that make significant growth from one year to the next, Louisiana designates schools that achieve their growth target as a Top Gains school if they are not in subgroup component failure, and they are not identified as failing NCLB subgroup performance more than one year. Top Gains schools are eligible for monetary awards that can be used for any educational purpose within the school.

In 2012, nearly one-third of schools – 440 – earned the designation of Top Gains. These schools attained school performance score gains that met or exceeded predetermined growth targets ranging from 2 to 10 points.

To earn a Top Gains designation in 2013, schools with the letter grade A will have to increase their School Performance Score by 5 points and all other schools will have to increase their School Performance Score by 10 points. Schools can meet growth expectations by increasing overall student performance on state assessments, earning up to 10 bonus points for significant annual growth by subgroups of lowest-performing students or a combination of both overall improvement or subgroup growth.

Schools can increase their School Performance Score by 1) improving student performance yearly on state assessments and/or 2) by earning bonus points for improving student performance for the lowest-performing students.

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