Great teachers are needed to make students great.

Louisiana Believes is based on the premise that educators closest to kids know better than government how to help students achieve higher expectations.

Next to parents, teachers have the greatest impact on a student’s long-term academic success.  With a great teacher, students along the achievement spectrum – from high achieving to below grade level – make progress. Likewise, students who have ineffective teachers for multiple consecutive years are likely to fall further and further behind.

Experts agree.  Eric Hanushek, senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution and expert on education policy found, “The difference between a good and a bad teacher is one year of learning in an academic year. A good teacher can get 1.5 years of learning growth; a bad teacher gets .5 years of learning growth. If you get a few bad teachers in a row, a student’s life is altered dramatically.”

To ensure an effective educator for every student, Louisiana is advancing reforms to align evaluation, compensation and retention with student achievement. Act 54 of the 2010 Regular Legislative Session revamped the process for evaluating teachers and Act 1 of the 2012 Regular Legislative Session built upon that progress with requirements that teachers be paid and retained based on their performance.