School Leader + Teacher Learning Targets

The District Planning Guide provides more details on each of the following milestones.

Milestone: Ensure all assessments used to establish student learning targets are aligned to standards

  • Instructional Resource Reviews support districts with curricular choices by providing an informal review of digital materials submitted by providers.

Milestone: Ensure all teachers establish goals that are ambitious yet attainable for their students

Leader student learning targets (SLTs) establish a vision for what students should know or be able to do at the end of the year. These goals should guide the decisions and plans leaders put in to place during the school year. The LDE has released a series of tools to guide leaders through this process including: 

Leader Guidance

Milestone: Ensure all school leaders establish goals that are ambitious yet attainable for their schools

  • Compass Library files provide resources for goal setting, such as data sheets for school leaders and sample grade- and subject-specific SLTs.

  • School Report Cards are issued each year and are based on student achievement data.

  • Accountability Webinar provided to ensure all schools and districts understand what student performance makes up the SPS, the policy associated with SPS calculations, and school letter grades.

  • Student Achievement Results provide historical data helpful to leaders in making decisions about goals.