Accountability Subgroup Component Reports


Webinar Slide Decks

2013-14 District and State Subgroup Component Report Download
2013-14 School Subgroup Component Report Download
2012-13 School Subgroup Component Report Download
2011-12 School Subgroup Component Report Download
2014-2015 Accountability Overview Download
2013-2014 School Report Cards Webinar for Districts Download
Cohort Graduation Exit Code Review Download
Cohort Graduation Rate Review 2015 Download

Accountability Commission


​Data Certification

January 2016 Accountability Commission Presentation Download
Data Certification Supplemental Guide Download


​Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

Performing Schools

2011-12 District AYP Report Download
2012-13 District AYP Report Download
Subgroup AYP Fact Sheet Download
2012 High Performing High Poverty Schools Download


​No Child Left Behind (NCLB)


Resources + Forms

Guidance - Schoolwide Reform Download
2015-2016 SPS Overview Download
DTC and Accountability Contact Update Form Download
High School Progress Points Fact Sheet Download
Jump Start Accountability Fact Sheet Download
K-8 Progress Points Fact Sheet Download
Security and Confidentiality Agreement for Assessments and Reporting Systems Download
2014-2015 Principal Profile Template Download
2014-2015 District Profile Template Download
Response to Senate Resolution 190 of 2015 Download


​Request for Waiver of Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Top Gains

Louisiana Application – ESEA Flexibility 2015 Renewal Request Download
Louisiana Application - ESEA Flexibility Request Download
2011-2012 Reward Priority Focus School List Download
Louisiana Application - Appendicies Download
Louisiana Application - Attachments Download
2012-2013 Reward Priority Focus List Download
2013-2014 Reward Priority Focus List Download
2014-2015 Reward Priority Focus List Download
2011-2012 Top Gains Schools Download
2012-2013 Top Gains School Performance Summary Download
2012-2013 Determining Top Gains Eligibility Download
2012-2013 Top Gains Schools Download
2013-2014 Top Gains Schools Download

School Performance Score Calculators

2014-2015 SPS Calculator Download
2015-2016 SPS Calculator Download