Accountability Subgroup Component Reports

2013-14 District and State Subgroup Component Report Download
2013-14 School Subgroup Component Report Download
2012-13 School Subgroup Component Report Download
2011-12 School Subgroup Component Report Download

Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

2011-12 District AYP Report Download
2012-13 District AYP Report Download
Subgroup AYP Fact Sheet Download

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

Guidance - Schoolwide Reform Download

Request for Waiver of Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Louisiana Application – ESEA Flexibility 2015 Renewal Request Download
Louisiana Application - ESEA Flexibility Request Download
2011-2012 Reward Priority Focus School List Download
Louisiana Application - Appendicies Download
Louisiana Application - Attachments Download
2012-2013 Reward Priority Focus List Download
2013-2014 Reward Priority Focus List Download

School Performance Score Calculators

Webinar Slide Decks

2014-2015 Accountability Overview Download
2013-2014 School Report Cards Webinar for Districts Download
Cohort Graduation Exit Code Review Download
Cohort Graduation Rate Review 2015 Download

Data Certification

Data Certification Supplemental Guide Download

Performing Schools

2012 High Performing High Poverty Schools Download

Resources + Forms

DTC and Accountability Contact Update Form Download
High School Progress Points Fact Sheet Download
Jump Start Accountability Fact Sheet Download
K-8 Progress Points Fact Sheet Download
Security and Confidentiality Agreement for Assessments and Reporting Systems Download
2014-2015 Principal Profile Template Download
2014-2015 District Profile Template Download

Top Gains

2011-2012 Top Gains Schools Download
2012-2013 Top Gains School Performance Summary Download
2012-2013 Determining Top Gains Eligibility Download
2012-2013 Top Gains Schools Download
2013-2014 Top Gains Schools Download
2014-2015 SPS Calculator Download