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Guidance for Textbooks and Instructional Materials Reviews Download
A. IMET Rubric - ELA K-12 Download
B. AET Rubric - ELA Assessments 3-12 Download
C. IMET Rubric - Math K-12 Download
D. AET Rubric - Math Assessments K-12 Download
E. IMET Rubric - Social Studies K-12 Download
F. IMET Rubric - ECE Ages Infant and Toddler Download
G. IMET Rubric - ECE Ages Three and Four Download
Publisher Webinar (2015-2016) Download
Publisher User's Guide (2015-2016) Download
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Instructional Materials Contract Pricing

Price List - Core Knowledge dba Amplify Download
Price List - Eureka Math dba Common Core Download
Price List - iSTEEP Advanced Literacy Assessment Louisiana Download
Price List - The Math Learning Center Download