Registered Apprenticeship

What is a Registered Apprenticeship?

Registered Apprenticeship is a unique, federally regulated, workforce development strategy that has proven a strong return on investment for employers. It is an earn and learn strategy and a career pathway that provides apprentices with both hands-on experiences, as well as classroom training to ensure they are proficient at their occupation. The apprentice acquires competencies and knowledge in their field, and by the end of their apprenticeship, they will receive a portable, nationally recognized credential to showcase their skills in their industry. The employer gains a fully trained, certified, and knowledgeable employee added to their workforce.

Apprenticeship Allocation

Each city, parish, or other public school system or school shall receive an allocation based on the number of students enrolled in either fall, spring, or summer semesters in an eligible apprenticeship course up to 500 student enrollments statewide annually. If a school system or school is defined as rural by the United States Census Bureau, an allocation of $3,500 shall be provided times the number of students enrolled in eligible apprenticeship programs. If a school system or school is identified as non-rural, an allocation of $2,500 shall be provided times the number of students enrolled in eligible apprenticeship programs. The allocation shall support all costs of delivering the apprenticeship services to the students.

*An eligible apprenticeship program consists of an approved Registered Apprenticeship through Louisiana Workforce Commission approved by BESE.

LDOE has developed a resource to assist school systems and schools to determine if they are rural or non-rural based on the United States Census.

Reporting Student Enrollment

School systems will report student enrollment through the Supplemental Course Allocation (SCA) portal. Enrollment must be reported for each semester the student is enrolled (SCA Apprenticeship Reporting Process).

Reporting Deadlines:

  • Fall: October 13, 2023

  • Spring: March 15, 2024

  • Summer: June 7, 2024 

The allocation should be used for the following: 

  • Tuition/Cost of Instruction

  • Materials/Equipment

  • Transportation

  • Stipends

  • Instructional Costs

  • Additional items as requested and approved by LDOE

School systems that report student enrollment must complete the Allocation Reporting Funding form.


If your school system/school is interested in participating in a Registered Apprenticeship Program complete the following form.

Interest Apprenticeship Funding Form

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