Louisiana Child Welfare and Attendance

Child Welfare and Attendance is a student and family support service. We are here to assist families with understanding compulsory education laws, student admission and enrollment procedures, student discipline procedures, transfers to alternative programs, and school climate and safety. We are committed to :

  • Being advocates for students and families.

  • Addressing the psychosocial needs of students and families and barriers that adversely affect their attendance in school and offering support.

  • Partnering with schools and community agencies to support students and families to maximize student success.

  • Promoting good school attendance practices for PK-12 students, families and schools.

Child Welfare & Attendance Badge

Louisiana Attendance Alliance 

The Louisiana Attendance Alliance (LAA) Initiative seeks to change the thinking around attendance, understanding barriers and critically examining how to better support students and families. Students and families have had to endure many adversities, therefore a statewide attendance alliance has been formed to promote good attendance practices. The LAA supports child welfare and attendance professionals, attendance specialists and other attendance stakeholders by providing evidence-based strategies to address attendance concerns, barriers they may encounter and provide tools to engage students, families and communities. Attendance is a community issue and all members of the community should consider themselves stakeholders.

Child Welfare and Attendance Meetings  

Child Welfare and Attendance directors, supervisors, and attendance stakeholders in Louisiana meet every first Wednesday of the month. These meetings are currently held in collaboration with LSU’s Social Research and Evaluation Center.

Resources for Families


Resources for Child Welfare and Attendance Professionals

For more information about any of the resources concerning CWA please contact shelneka.adams@la.gov.