Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is the simultaneous enrollment of a student at both high school and college in which the student receives credit on both their high school and college transcripts for the same course. Students may enroll in college courses at local technical, community and/or four-year colleges. Students enrolled in a college course follow the college curriculum. The course is taught by either the college instructor or a high school instructor who is approved to teach the college course.

With dual enrollment, students may begin accumulating college credits while still in high school, thus providing a smoother transition to college after high school graduation. Students also have the opportunity to complete college faster by earning college credits while still in high school.

Students must meet the admission standards of the college awarding the credit. Admissions standards vary between technical colleges, community colleges, and four-year universities. Contact the individual institution and/or a professional school counselor to discuss admission standards and other details regarding dual enrollment. 

Louisiana ACT® NOW

The Louisiana ACT® NOW program provides funding to purchase prebilled registration ACT test vouchers for eligible students in grades 12 and 10 as described in this application. This will expand opportunities for students to take the exam to assist them with reaching their educational goals. 

To receive funding for vouchers, school systems shall submit a planning template, provided by LDOE, that includes specific programmatic, physical and accountability assurances no later than April 17, 2021. Vouchers should be used for one of three administrations as outlined below. The cost of vouchers for ACT without writing is $55.00 per student and there will be no refund for unused vouchers. Students who are using a voucher to test must meet the registration deadline. Any late registration fees imposed on a student will be the responsibility of the student’s family.