Louisiana STEM Initiative

Louisiana STEM Initiative

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) encompasses the knowledge, skills, and ways of investigating and making sense of our world that are essential to each of the STEM disciplines (from National Research Council, 2014): 

  • Science refers to both the body of knowledge that explains our natural world as well as the practices we engage in to build this knowledge.

STEM Pathways Key Initiative One-Pager

Key Initiative One-Pager

  • Technology is any human-designed tool or process that solves a problem.

  • Engineering is a body of knowledge about the design and creation of technology as well as the process and practices we engage in to solve problems.

  • Mathematics is the study of patterns and relationships among quantities, numbers, and space, including logical arguments and claims. 

Students who engage in quality STEM experiences are better equipped to respond to life’s challenges and make informed decisions as empowered members of society. Engineering design offers students an opportunity to develop their problem-solving abilities, which in turn supports the foundations of math problem solving and algebraic processes. Scientific thinking and understanding are useful tools, not just for scientists and other STEM professionals, but for our students as they approach complex challenges in their everyday lives. Quality STEM experiences employ the skills and practices required in all STEM disciplines and share deep connections to core math and science instruction.

Summer 2023 Louisiana Computer Science Training for K-12 Teachers

The Department has partnered with Code.org to offer professional learning opportunities designed to support Louisiana educators to teach, engage, and empower students to explore computer science (CS). Educators will gain strategies and resources for building students’ computational thinking and learn how to meaningfully incorporate computer science across disciplines.

Interested educators should register to secure a place in the training designed to support their grade band. Seating is limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  

For additional information about these offerings, contact STEM@la.gov.



The Department has selected a distinguished group of 12 educators serving students in grades K-12 and representing school systems across the state to serve as STEM Teacher Leader Advisors. These educators will play an influential role in:

  • the creation of STEM resources and tools for K-12 educators;

  • professional learning needs for future work; and

  • supporting schools and systems to broaden STEM education. 

Interested educators can learn more about the role and get updates on application dates by visiting the Teacher Leader Advisors page.  

STEM Pathways

The Louisiana Department of Education, the Louisiana Board of Regents, the LaSTEM Advisory Council and the Governor’s office have teamed up to ensure Louisiana’s students have exposure to STEM courses and credentials starting in elementary school and continuing through college.

The Louisiana STEM Pathways are part of the Jump Start Initiative, Louisiana’s innovative career and technical education (CTE) program. The STEM Pathways better prepare students to seek a STEM degree in college or enter the workforce having earned certifications in high-wage career sectors. STEM Pathways are designed for students seeking either a TOPS Tech Diploma or University Diploma.

STEM Pathways Map (January 2020)


STEM Pathway Brief - Biomedical Sciences Download
STEM Pathway Brief - Computing Download
STEM Pathway Brief - Cybersecurity Download
STEM Pathway Brief - Digital Design and Emergent Media Download
STEM Pathway Brief - Environmental Protection and Sustainability Download
STEM Pathway Brief - Pre-Engineering Download
STEM Pathway Brief - Pre-Pharmacy Download


ARCHIVED - STEM Pathway Brief - LSU Biomedical Sciences Download
ARCHIVED - STEM Pathway Brief - LSU Computing Download
ARCHIVED - STEM Pathway Brief - LSU Pre-Engineering Download
ARCHIVED - STEM Pathway Brief - PLTW Pre-Engineering Download

If you have questions about the development of any of these courses, or would like for your school to participate in a pilot, please contact STEM@la.gov.