Louisiana STEM Initiative

Over the next 12 years, Louisiana and the nation will see a surge in the number of job opportunities available in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, also known as STEM.

Furthermore, ACT’s 2018 Louisiana State of STEM report showed that 51% of Louisiana students indicated having an interest in STEM majors and/or careers, but only 10% met the STEM benchmark demonstrating their readiness for math and science coursework in college.

In order to better meet workforce demands, the Louisiana Department of Education, the Louisiana Board of Regents, the LaSTEM Council and the Governor’s office have teamed up to ensure Louisiana’s students have exposure to STEM courses and credentials starting in elementary school and continued through college.

System Level

Current Offerings

Future Offerings

High School

Dual Enrollment

  • Intro to Engineering Design

  • Engineering Economy

  • Electrocardiography

  • Support of Emerging Technologies

  • Audio Engineering

  • Introduction to Fabrication, PT and Machining

If you have questions about the development of any of these courses, or would like for your school to participate in a pilot, please contact jill.cowart@la.gov.