The Louisiana Teacher Leaders make up a group of over 5,000 outstanding educators from around the state who are focused on high expectations for students. This group was born out of three core beliefs:

  • Those closest to students are best positioned to make instructional decisions;
  • The state has a role in providing resources and training directly to teachers;
  • Teacher Leaders are a powerful voice in training fellow teachers.

Teacher Leader Programs

Teacher Leaders receive a variety of resources and training throughout the school year. This training includes:

  • Annual Teacher Leader Summit: A 2-day conference kicks off instructional planning for the following school year.

  • Teacher Leader Collaboration Events: These events, held each quarter in locations throughout the state, provide teachers with ongoing resources and professional development.
  • Summer Content Institutes: A variety of trainings over the summer provide teachers with content-specific support as they solidify their plans for the upcoming school year.
  • Virtual support: Includes Virtual Book Clubs, a monthly newsletter, and a free online collaboration site.

Click here for more information about the training and support available to Teacher Leaders, including the Teacher Leader Collaboration Events.

Teacher Leader Advisors

Local Louisiana educators play a critical role in creating tools and facilitating professional development for fellow Louisiana educators. Teacher Leader Advisors participate in the Department’s Instructional Materials Review process, help create items for EAGLE, and lead both virtual and in-person training including Virtual Book Clubs, the Teacher Leader Collaboration Events and the annual Teacher Leader Summit.

Click here for the list of 2015-2016 Teacher Leader Advisors.

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