Louisiana Teacher Leaders

The Louisiana Teacher Leaders make up a group of over 5,000 outstanding educators from around the state who are focused on high expectations for students. This group was born out of three core beliefs:

  • Those closest to students are best positioned to make instructional decisions;
  • The state has a role in providing resources and training directly to teachers;
  • Teacher Leaders are a powerful voice in training fellow teachers.

The Department offers Teacher Leaders a blend of high-quality tools and resources along with in-person and virtual trainings to help them achieve ambitious results with their students.


The 2017 Louisiana Teacher Leader Summit will take place Tuesday, June 6 through Friday, June 9 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. This event will bring together more than 5,000 educators and content experts from across the state to share their knowledge, learn new skills, and prepare for the 2017-2018 school year. Educators will have the opportunity to choose from over 200 sessions on a variety of role-specific topics.

Please reference the 2017 Teacher Leader Summit overview for additional details about this event including the agenda, recommended attendees, and registration information.

Looking for a way to show your Teacher Leader pride? Teacher Leader t-shirts are now available for purchase. Choose from five different designs. Order by May 15 to receive your t-shirt before the Summit.


Louisiana Teacher Leader Advisors are an exceptionally talented group of Teacher Leaders who play a critical role in ensuring that fellow educators across the state have access to high-quality instructional materials, interim assessments and curriculum-aligned professional development. Teacher Leader Advisors participate in the Department’s Instructional Materials Review process, create tools for the Teacher Support Toolbox and items for EAGLE, and develop and lead both virtual and in-person professional development for educators across Louisiana.

Submit your application to become a 2017-2018 Teacher Leader Advisor by Monday, June 12.