Charter Per Pupil Amounts

Charter School Law (RS 17:3995) specifies that a charter school is to receive a per-pupil amount based on its October 1 student membership.

  • The state cost allocation per-pupil amount is based on Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the most recent legislatively approved MFP formula.
  • The state cost allocation per-pupil amount is final with the issuance of the MFP Budget Letter by June 30 each year.
  • The initial local revenue representation per-pupil is preliminary and is calculated based on projected prior-year local revenue and prior-year February 1 student counts.
  • The final determination of the local revenue representation per-pupil amount will be calculated in March, based on actual prior-year local revenue collections as reported in the AFR, and actual, current-year October 1 student counts as report in SIS.

The Local Revenue Representation per-pupil is calculated based on local revenue from the following sources:

  • Sales and use taxes, less any tax collection fee paid by the school district
  • Ad valorem taxes, less any tax collection fee paid by the school district
  • Earnings from sixteenth section lands owned by the school district

Local revenues shall exclude any portion which has been specifically dedicated by the legislature, or by voter approval, to capital outlay or debt service, for any charter school housed in a facility provided by the district in which the charter is located.                                                                       

Types 1 and 3 charter schools may agree to a lesser per-pupil amount than that required in 17:3995(A)(1) and 17:3995(A)(3) in exchange for specific services that the chartering authority agrees to provide to the school.